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Government Industry Agreements

The Government Industry Agreement for Biosecurity Readiness and Response (GIA) is a partnership between government and industry for improving New Zealand’s biosecurity. Under GIA, industry organisations (such as KVH on behalf of kiwifruit) and the Ministry for Primary Industries, sign a Deed that formally establishes the biosecurity partnership.

KVH was the first primary industry to sign the Government Industry Agreement (GIA) Deed in May 2014. This marked a significant acheivement for the kiwifruit industry and government.

The GIA Deed outlines the principles for the partnership and the commitments that each Signatory makes to engage in the wider biosecurity system and co-invest to improve the collective biosecurity capacity and capability of industry and government in readiness and response.

Deed Signatories negotiate and agree the priority pests and diseases of most concern to them and agree actions to minimise the risk and impact of an incursion, or prepare for and manage a response in the event than an incursion occurs.

Joint decision-making and cost-sharing helps to ensure that industry organisations have a formal role, alongside government, in managing their biosecurity risks.

In May 2017 KVH signed a second agreement on behalf of the kiwifruit and kiwiberry sectors to help reduce the damaging impacts of the four most common threats to the two sectors - Ceratocystis fimbriata, Verticillium wilt, Psa-non NZ strains and Invasive Phytophthoras. Other pests and pathogens can be added to the agreement as they are identified.

KVH Information Paper—Government Industry Agreement (21.08.13)
Media release - kiwifruit undustry signs agreement to fight pest threats (13.03.17)

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Key contacts for GIA signatories

Role in GIA
Name Title
RSL Representative Barry O'Neil Chief Executive
Readiness Andrew Harrison Biosecurity Programmes Manager
Readiness (backup) Matt Dyck Biosecurity Analyst
Capability Deployment Peter Mourits Operations Manager
Communications Lisa Gibbison Communications Advisor
Market Access Catherine Richardson Zespri Quality Manager
Welfare Ian Greaves NZKGI


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