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Stage 1 - In vitro & greenhouse testing

Stages of the product testing process is divided into two processes:

  • 1A: In vitro (outside the plant) testing
    In vitro testing allows a relatively quick and inexpensive way of screening a large number of products. Should a product be efficient at killing Psa-V then it will generally move to Stage 1b. While Stage 1a does measure the ability of the product to kill or inhibit Psa-V growth, it does not measure the potential impact of the product on a kiwifruit plant.
  • 1B: In vivo (on the plant) Greenhouse testing
    Testing on plants in the greenhouse is slower and more expensive that in vitro testing. However, it does give a better indication of the product’s ability to both protect a plant from Psa-V and to control, or kill, Psa-V on kiwifruit vines. Should a product show promising signs in Stage 1b it will move to Stage 2. Products that do not may be discarded, or recommended for use as a sanitiser only.

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Stage 1 - In vitro & greenhouse testing

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