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Orchard Management

This section aims to assist growers with all aspects of orchard management in a Psa-V environment.

Other things for growers to consider:

Assess your orchard risk

Individual orchards have different Psa-V risk profiles. Variety, region, orchard environment and management practices all contribute to the orchard risk profile. Psa-V severity will be worse in seasons/regions when winter is colder and early spring is wetter. This risk should be considered when formulating your seasonal Psa-V Orchard Management Plan. Strategies to reduce risk can be found in the Psa-V Risk Compass

New growers

Are you a new kiwifruit grower?  Click here for information on grower requirements around managing your orchard in a Psa-V environment and to learn about other biosecurity risks in the industry.

Grower support

Supporting growers is a key focus for KVH. Whether you are seeking technical advice, looking for a regional KVH representative or you need pastoral support due to stress and anxiety, KVH has a network of support and help available – click here.

Psa-V Risk Model

The Psa-V Risk Model is an online, weather-based decision support tool to assist growers with orchard management in a Psa-V environment. Actual weather station data and weather forecast information is combined to provide customised access to unique weather information, disease information and interpretations. Log in here to access the model.

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