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R&D reports: 2014-15 potted plant trial results
24 July 2015

Elicitors on Gold3 potted plants, January to March 2015
Field trials on potted Gold3 plants tested efficacy of a range of elicitors in inducing a plant immune response to Psa. TNL3454 (at higher concentrations) and AB48414 showed a level of Psa control comparable to Actigard™ for up to six weeks post-Psa inoculation. Citrox BioAlexin showed some significant Psa control four weeks post inoculation. This product could offer organic growers an elicitor option. However, further trials to prove consistent efficacy would be advisable. ProAct and Silver combined and Luna Care did not show efficacy.

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Psa control products on Bruno potted plants, December 2014 to January 2015
Field trials on potted Bruno plants further tested the efficacy of a range of potential Psa protectants. At the recommended concentration, Nanospada significantly decreased leaf spotting for up to three weeks post Psa inoculation. When diluted, Nanospada had no significant effect, supporting the use of the recommended rate. Another product, TNL3214, significantly reduced leaf spotting throughout the trial. KOF products only provided control when combined with Streptomycin. 

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