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KiwiNet profile: Lisa Ferguson
5 March 2015

Lisa Ferguson, Trevelyan’s Pack and Cool

Lisa was contacted through KiwiNet to assist with the response operations and spent seven days in the field.

Role: Fruit fly trapper and approved handler of DDVP, the insecticide used in these traps. The core role of a fruit fly trapper is to establish and service the traps within the Controlled Area. Servicing includes making sure all aspects of the trap are functioning properly.

Every day was an early start – on the road by 5.45am to beat the Auckland traffic into HQ from accommodation at Devonport Naval Base. On arrival breakfast was provided before a daily briefing at 7.30am.

Trapping is a huge task. Around 335 traps in Zone A are checked daily; and more than 730 traps in Zone B and the high-risk area outside of Zone B are checked every three days. Around 20 trappers are deployed, each monitoring 60-70 traps per day. Traps are checked, serviced and scanned using an electronic device, which then transmits accurate data back to HQ for analysis.

All trap checks must be completed before retiring for the evening, so this often meant spending time helping others complete their duties.

Lisa was inspired by the comradery and team culture during the response. “So many people from all over New Zealand were deployed with only a few hours’ notice. Their work ethic, energy and compassion were very inspiring. The operation is an enormous logistical task and all New Zealanders should be very proud of what MPI have accomplished so far and are continuing to do so.”

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