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Review of NZ import requirements for kiwifruit pollen
11 September 2014

As advised in the KVH Bulletin (31 July) MPI is carrying out two separate processes regarding pollen imports. One is reviewing the import health standard (IHS) for pollen for artificial pollination.

The importation of pollen into New Zealand remains prohibited as the potential risk of introducing further variants of Psa-V and other pathogens is still unknown.

So far advice has been received from a Technical Working Group made up of experts from the kiwifruit, bee and pollen industries. MPI has drafted an assessment of the potential for Psa to be associated with imported pollen. Other pathogens which may also be associated with imported pollen, and which may impact on the kiwifruit or bee industries have been identified by MPI, but have not yet been assessed.

MPI will provide an update on the assessment process by the end of September.

However, MPI has advised it’s unlikely the current prohibition on importing pollen for pollination will be lifted prior to this pollination season, if at all.
Therefore KVH’s earlier advice to growers for future pollination requirements stands:

  • Manage your male vines—develop low-vigour growing systems
  • Assess the health of your male vines—diseased males can impact future pollination requirements
  • Detecting diseased males early will allow time to assess your future pollination requirements
  • If males need to be cut out, ensure you have a plan for future pollination requirements
  • Order pollen early from KVH-registered pollen providers for future pollination requirements
  • Arrange harvest of early flowers for pollen milling wherever possible
  • Store pollen for next season wherever possible
  • Graft to more Psa-tolerant varieties


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