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KPCS nurseries come together
1 April 2021

Twenty nurseries and other associated parties were represented last week at a KVH forum to strengthen communication and partnership with plant producer members of the Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme (KPCS).

There were several informative presentations during the event, as well as discussions and feedback opportunities, particularly related to planned enhancements of the KPCS so that it aligns well with the proposed new Pathway Management Plan and Plant Production Biosecurity Scheme. The forum also discussed recent unusual symptom reports and the importance of contacting KVH as soon as unusual disease symptoms, or pests, are noticed.

A copy of the presentations from the day is available here.

Growers should have confidence that kiwifruit nurseries are managing biosecurity risks associated with kiwifruit rootstock movement through their compliance with the KPCS. Other industries also have similar schemes in place, with their growers recognising the value of certified plants.

One of the most important aspects of the KPCS, and a cornerstone of biosecurity across the entire kiwifruit industry, is sourcing and tracking clean plant material - one of the five key steps within the Kiwifruit Growers Biosecurity Guidelines.  

Growers can reduce risk associated with plant material by following movement controls, inspecting all material when it arrives on the orchard, and keeping up to date records that maintain traceability – i.e. where plants (and budwood) have come from and where they went to on the orchard. A template and check sheet for this are included within the guidelines (Step 3).

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