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Fun Fact
26 November 2020

Hopefully by now everyone knows what an adult Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) looks like, but could you spot one at pace? These hitchhikers are super crafty and can hold on tight – in fact, adult lanternflies can apparently keep a grip on cars going as fast as about 55k per hour!

We don’t want SLF here as it attacks over 70 host species, including kiwifruit, grapes, stonefruit and pipfruit. It has the potential to severely impact the kiwifruit industry through the accumulation of sooty mould on fruit from feeding excretions, ultimately rendering the fruit unmarketable.

See more about this unwanted pest on the KVH website, including images of SLF egg masses which look a lot like putty and could easily hitchhike on commodities imported into New Zealand (like vehicles, machinery, and garden furniture).

Image – An adult SLF crawling onto a vehicle to hitch a ride. Image credit: USDA APHIS, Lance Cheung.

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