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Fun Fact
29 October 2020

Did you know Biosecurity New Zealand was the first organisation in the southern hemisphere to train stink bug dogs?

The dogs play a vital part in keeping Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) at bay. There are currently three trained sniffers – Georgie, Nova and Bodie – who will soon be joined by two more – Yamba and Ally.

The stink bug sniffers are used to carry out surveillance of international mail and airfreight. Dog teams also make weekly visits to four airfreight facilities with high import volumes. Other facilities get screened monthly or quarterly, depending on import volume.

Stink bug dogs are recruited from existing detector dog ranks or the pound. New Zealand’s training programme began in 2017 and the Australians followed suit in 2018.

Image: Georgie, one of three trained BMSB sniffers, demonstrates her bug-sniffing skills.

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