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Spreading the stink bug message
17 September 2020

KVH is involved in several initiatives to improve awareness and readiness for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB), including a comprehensive public education programme alongside Biosecurity New Zealand and other horticultural groups known as the BMSB Council.

The campaign for the current high-risk season aims to lift public awareness around the damaging impacts of BMSB and increase the likelihood of early detection through passive surveillance.

KVH is co-funding the campaign, key aspects of which include print advertising in gardening magazines and grower publications (timed to coincide with peak holiday periods when people are in gardens and likely to spot BMSB outside); digital advertising to target online shoppers (such as those using Amazon, eBay and AliExpress) and people watching TV programmes around things like border security; and MetService ads which have been high-performing ads for us in previous years.

This year we’ll also be sponsoring an evening on television channel Choice TV, to capture the audience that may not be reached via digital. This works with sponsoring an evening’s viewing by getting ads in between programmes, and then pop ups during shows on that evening. We’re looking to sponsor an evening that focuses on DIY, gardening, outdoors, home shows etc (which is common on Choice).

The new season’s BMSB flyers and posters will be available shortly, and will be added to the stink bug page of the
KVH website.

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