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Searching for orchards with Psa symptoms or cutting out
6 August 2020

As an extension to the Cut It Out survey project, Fruition Horticulture is developing new grower resources that include footage of Psa symptoms.

For these print and video resources, the Fruition team need to film and photograph examples of Psa symptoms on-orchard, as well as people taking action against the symptoms (e.g. cutting out).

They’re specifically on the search for: 

·         Young grafts and young plants with Psa symptoms

·         People cutting out cankers (especially symptoms on the leader or trunk)

·         Trunk cankers

·         Infected girdle cankers

·         Leader cankers

·         Cane dieback and other cane symptoms (wilt, shoot dieback, exudate on canes)

Footage will be kept as anonymous as possible - the orchard will not be named and there won’t be any identifying/recognisable features filmed. In the case of cutting out, filming people’s faces will be avoided (i.e. filming from the back etc).

If growers observe any of these symptoms or start to see these symptoms later in the season, and are happy to discuss footage with Fruition please contact either Bryce or Phoebe by email.

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