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Remove unpicked kiwifruit from vines
28 May 2020

Growers are reminded that unpicked kiwifruit must be removed from vines by 1 July.

Unpicked fruit can increase the amount of wild kiwifruit plants establishing in nearby areas of native bush or forestry, as fruit ripening over the winter months provides a food source for birds such as white-eyes. Birds spread seed through their droppings, together with a small fertiliser package. A proportion of this seed can readily germinate.

Unmanaged kiwifruit vines, including those with unpicked fruit, may also be a potential host for plant disease organisms.

Unpicked fruit needs to be dropped to the ground and mulched as soon as possible. This prevents mass-feeding by birds over the entire winter period. It may be necessary to rake the fruit out from beneath leaders to that the mower can mulch all of the fruit.

Under the National Psa Pest Management Plan (NPMP) it is a requirement to remove all unpicked fruit from vines by 1 July each year.  After this date KVH will follow-up reports of unpicked fruit with orchard
owners and post-harvest companies.

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