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Aureo Gold update
18 October 2019

Zespri has been advised by the supplier of Aureo Gold that they have asked for the return of all batches of Aureo Gold currently in market including stock held by growers.

Zespri understands that this is due to anomalies identified in the testing of the biological product that are unlikely to be resolved before the product begins to deteriorate. Aureo Gold is a cold chain, biological product which will lose efficacy when stored outside of its registered specification. The anomalies identified do not impact the products efficacy or plant safety profile.

Zespri asks that you return any stock on hand to your retailer for a full refund. Zespri is in discussions with the supplier to determine the ongoing availability of Aureo Gold and will advise once we have clarity on supply. If you need to apply a Psa product, please check out the crop protection standard for options. For additional support or advice please contact

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