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Growers looking for rootstock
27 June 2019

Around this time each year growers are trying to source kiwifruit plants at the last minute, which can be a challenging task as often many nurseries have sold out. Growers are advised to order plants a year in advance to prevent being caught in this situation.

KVH is aware of some nurseries that have plants remaining. Growers looking for plants, or other nurseries with plants remaining, can contact KVH and we can endeavour to connect the parties – please email or phone 0800 665 825.When sourcing plants, KVH Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme (KPCS) movement controls must be observed. Growers who are “holding” and retaining in an identified nursery situation grafted G3 plants - subject to the conditions outlined in the Zespri Nursery Holding Permit - need to be aware of KVH requirements around plant movements.

If the plants are not going to be used on the same piece of land that they are held on, please contact KVH to confirm the requirements for moving these plants.

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