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Reminder to order nursery plants in advance
4 April 2019

When we visit nurseries as part of the Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme (KPCS), we’re reminded of how important it is to nurseries that growers order their plants well in advance.

Without a reliable estimate on anticipated demand for the next season, nurseries take a conservative approach to avoid getting left with unsold stock. Growers should order plants as far in advance as possible – preferably a year – to avoid any shortage in supply.

Additionally, growers must only purchase plants that are KPCS certified. KVH movement controls must be observed. A list of nurseries and their KPCS status is available on the
KVH website.

When it comes to ‘Grow for own use’ a reminder that growers may produce their own plants for use on the same property. There are no restrictions on these plants.

Growers may also produce up to 1,000 plants a year for movement between their own properties within the same KVH kiwifruit growing region. These plants do not need to meet the requirements of the KPCS but any plants being moved between properties must meet some risk management requirements. Growers in this case must complete and submit to KVH a
KVH Psa-V Risk Management Plan - Growing Rootstock for your own use.

Please contact KVH on 0800 665 825 if you would like more information about the requirements.

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