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Are you a biosecurity quizmaster?
21 February 2019

KVH was a proud supporter of the 2019 Bay of Plenty Young Fruit Grower competition which was held in conjunction with the Te Puke A&P show on Saturday 9 February.

KVH provided a biosecurity quiz to the eight competitors – congratulations to Georgia Guy-Williams from Apata for winning the quiz and to Alex Ashe from Farmlands Te Puna for achieving overall winner for Bay of Plenty Young Fruit Grower of the Year.

Below is the quiz put to the competitors, who delighted us with their biosecurity knowledge by scoring an average of 80%. How does your biosecurity knowledge compare? Test yourself before checking the answers at the end of this page. Good luck!

1.      Why is biosecurity important to New Zealand and our primary industries?

2.      Who is the current Minister for Biosecurity?

3.      Psa is still an important biosecurity issue for our industry. Name two controls under the National Psa Pest Management Plan designed to prevent further spread of Psa.

4.     Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility. What are three important actions that you can do in your role to improve our biosecurity?

5.     Movement of plant material can spread unwanted pests or diseases. Name two biosecurity related actions or considerations when sourcing new rootstock for an orchard.

6.     Travelling overseas is exciting but can lead to the introduction of pests and diseases to New Zealand. To reduce risk, what should you do if visiting a kiwifruit orchard (or other rural areas) overseas before returning home?

7.      Imagine you have just imported a tractor from Italy. Name a potential biosecurity risk that could be associated with this import and what can you do to reduce this risk.

8.     Why is traceability important for biosecurity?

9.     One of the shield bugs below is a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB). The other is a species commonly found in New Zealand. Choose the BMSB and give two reasons for your choice.

10.   What is this?

11.   This pest is a biosecurity threat to kiwifruit, what is it?

12.   Not all pathogens can be spread in the wind like Psa, what is another way that pathogens can spread between orchards?

13.   Name two pathogens not present in New Zealand that are biosecurity threats to our industry.

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