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Auckland fruit fly detections
11 July 2019

Restrictions on fruit and vegetable movements are still in force
A biosecuirty response has been underway on the North Shore since February to eliminate the Queensland Fuit Fly (QFF).

This insect is a serious pest of horticulture and home gardens and if it became established here, it would severely affect our international trade in fruit and vegetables, and impact domestically produced fruit.

When a male fruit fly was first found in a surveillance trap in Northcote, an extensive operation began to locate and kill any further flies present and to stop them spreading out of the area through controls on the movement of fruit and vegetables. Those controls remain in force.

It has now been over a month since any sign of a fruit fly has been found. This is good news but it does not yet mean the job is done. Fruit flies are less active in the cooler weather, so while we hope that the response has been successful, we can’t be sure until the springtime. Field operations will slow down over winter, but they won’t stop. Some surveillance traps will stay out to attract and catch any flies that may be active on a warm day.

What’s changed?
Zone A has been removed.

When the fruit fly response started, there was a controlled area imposed that extended out from the location where the flies were trapped. Within that, smaller zones around the locations of the finds were established, called A zones. This area had tighter controls on the movement of produce. Residents were asked to avoid moving fruit or vegetables out of Zone A and all properties had their own wheelie bin for disposal of
produce waste.

Zone A has been reviewed and it has been decided to lift those restrictions and move those properties into Zone B, meaning they are no longer subjected to the heightened restrictions.

A detailed map of the controlled area and a full description of the boundaries, and information about the rules are available on the Biosecurity New Zealand website.

A refresher on the movement controls on fruit and vegetables
In Zone B – don’t move any whole fresh fruit or vegetables that have been grown inside Zone B (except for leafy or root vegetables) outside of the wider controlled area boundaries. Residents are allowed to dispose of windfall in Biosecurity New Zealand bins (as they have been all along).

More information about fruit flies and the Auckland response is available on the Biosecurity New Zealand website.

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