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Building biosecurity capability through education
1 November 2018

KVH attended a pilot programme in the Hawkes Bay this week to help test and provide feedback on a recently developed New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) micro-credential on biosecurity.

Micro-credentials, also known as badges, nanocredentials and nano-degrees, recognise the achievement of a defined set of skills and knowledge. Learning undertaken is validated in a micro-credential and is important in itself (not simply as a stepping stone to any subsequent qualification).

This biosecurity micro-credential was developed under the NZQA framework (Level 5) by the Primary Industry Training Organisation (ITO) and Horticulture NZ, with input from biosecurity managers from KVH, Summerfruit New Zealand, New Zealand Apples & Pears, New Zealand Winegrowers, TomatoesNZ and Vegetables New Zealand.

The focused course is designed to enhance industry biosecurity capability, and targets grower owner-operators and supervisors/managers. Content builds an understanding of biosecurity and provides a framework to identify, prioritise, and manage biosecurity risks on orchards and farms.

A second test pilot was held in Nelson with two kiwifruit industry representatives attending. Feedback to the organisers will ensure the course is relevant to industry.

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