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First Psa exudate heralds spring
23 August 2018

KVH has received reports of Psa exudate in Gold3 vines from Gisborne, Edgecumbe, and Maketu sites this week. As sap begins to rise symptoms of Psa will begin to appear and growers are recommended to monitor areas more prone to Psa to be sure they have a good understanding of where risk lies this season. If ground conditions have limited the opportunity to apply copper through winter, now is the time to apply a spray, ensuring a one-week window is maintained between bud enhancing spays and copper.

Where pruning gangs are still at work an emphasis on tool hygiene is also recommended. Reports of fresh Psa exudate associated with autumn girdles suggests infection may be related to poor tool hygiene (patterns of consecutive plants within rows affected is being observed).

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