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19 April 2018

Each month we profile one of the 12 most unwanted pests featured on our ‘Port of Tauranga – committed to biosecurity excellence’ calendar. Any of these could potentially enter our borders and have a major impact on local community and businesses, the kiwifruit industry or other local growers.

This month the focus is on bark beetles, a significant forestry pest. Many species can attack and kill healthy trees, especially the species pictured, which is considered the most serious insect pest of coniferous trees in the Northern Hemisphere.

Some closely related species of bark beetles have caused impacts to kiwifruit in Turkey where the beetles often attack vines that are already weakened by disease, drought, physical and frost damage.  They are highly invasive and mine the inner bark on twigs, branches, or trunks of vines. One species also attacks fruit and causes dropping.

In Turkey they have found that agricultural best practices to grow healthy kiwifruit are essential to control bark beetles. They’ve also used red sticky traps with bottles containing alcohol attractant for monitoring and mass trapping bark beetles, which generally spread from neighbouring hazelnut orchards.

Everyone can play a part in keeping unwanted pests and diseases out of New Zealand. If you come across anything unusual catch it, take a photo, and report it to the biosecurity hotline on 0800 80 99 66.

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