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Quiz answers
22 February 2018

Here are the answers to the biosecurity quiz:

1.      Damien O’Connor and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), or the recently accounced Biosecurity New Zealand.

2.      A number of incursions including but not limited to Myrtle rust; Mycoplasma bovis affecting the dairy industry; Queensland Fruit Fly incursion in Auckland; Velvetleaf, pea weevil, Bonamia ostraeae in oysters. 

3.     Contestants were awarded a mark for displaying awareness of lessons from Psa, which are wide but include develop response/action plans in advance; be aware of biosecurity threats from other countries and learn from how they have responsed to outbreaks; value of industry working closely with government and pre-agreeing roles, responsbilities and costs during an incursion; have controls/measures in place for the import of produce and plant material; carefully manage/restrict high-risk imports; everyone is a biosecurity risk manager and has a part to play; keep good records for tracing; value of industry working with stakeholders such as banks to ensure continued industry support; importance of research and development and breeding programmes.

4.     If you, or anyone you know, has accidently bought fruit or vegetables into New Zealand make sure it is reported to MPI and then appropriately destroyed (bagged and put in the rubbish is the best way, not composted). MPI would provide guidance about what to do next, so reporting is the key behaviour we are looking for here.

5.     Kiwifruit has a long list of potential threats that contestants could have chosen from, however the most common correct answers include Fruit flies; Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB); White Peach Scale; Brazilian Wilt/Ceratocystis fimbriata; Verticillium Wilt, Invasive Phytophthora, Psa-non New Zealand strains.

6.     So that traceability back to source can take place in the event of an incursion; to avoid spread of unwanted pests between orchards and regions.

7.     Restrict and track access to the orchard; clean everything that comes across the orchard/property boundary; have clear agreements with contractors about what must happen on site; undertake regular monitoring; report the unusual; keep orchards free from weeds/rubbish which could host unwanted pests; keep up-to-date with information about current/seasonal threats and share that information with others.  

8.     Contestants had to name the incursion but also the state or city where this was occuring. Most named the high risk incurions that have been profiled in our Bulletin newsletter including Queensland Fruit Fly (Adelaide, Tasmania, Western Australia) and Mediterranian Fruit Fly (Adelaide), but other incursions were also accepted.

9.     0800 80 99 66 – the MPI exotic pest and disease hotliine.

10.  First on the left is the BMSB. It’s bigger than similar bugs already found in New Zealand, has striped antennae and striped bands on the abdomen.


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