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Stink bug agreement signed
13 July 2017

An agreement which focuses on avoiding the damaging aspects of a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) incursion was signed this afternoon by KVH with other horticultural groups and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), at the Horticulture Conference.

The agreement, under the Government Industry Agreement for Biosecurity readiness and response (GIA) sets out the operational requirements for readiness and response activities and cost-sharing arrangements between Government and affected industries in the management of the BMSB threat. It enables joint decision-making between the parties and sees them all working together to reduce the impacts of BMSB to affected industries.

A summary of the agreement is available on the KVH website.

BMSB is number two on our Kiwifruit’s Most Unwanted list, and it’s a serious pest to horticulture as well as the public. In the USA, the ever-expanding BMSB population is considered a nuisance pest, infesting homes and taking over lifestyles.

In addition to the agreement signed today, a KVH work programme is well underway with Zespri so the kiwifruit industry will be as fully prepared as possible in the event of an incursion. This includes looking at how decisions will be made around operational/field activities, how information will be shared with growers, and how we can ensure other industries are kept informed of our activities.

The next high-risk season for BMSB is only weeks away. Visit the BMSB page of the KVH website for more information, video, and fact sheets about this unwanted pest.

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