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You can help promote BMSB biocontrol
15 December 2016
If T. japonicas was to be imported to help combat an arrival of BMSB, it is important to understand potential impacts to New Zealand’s current shield bug population.
Plant and Food Research need a supply of shield bugs to test whether T. japonicus parasitises them as well as BMSB. You can help! If you detect any of the following (pictured right):
·        Brown Shield Bug
·        Glossy Shield Bug
·        Spiny Shield Bug
If you detect any of these bugs, please courier them to:
Sophie Hunt
c/o Plant & Food Research
120 Mt Albert Road
Mt Albert
Auckland 1025

Kiwifruit Vine Health

25 Miro St
Mount Maunganui
Tauranga 3116

Tel:  0800 665 825
Fax: 07 574 7591