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Latest biosecurity news from MPI
25 August 2016

MPI’s latest edition of The Border Space has been released, updating readers on the latest biosecurity news and activity from MPI. 

Interesting articles for kiwifruit growers from the August edition include the following:
30 flies reared from 2 mango pieces
MPI laboratory staff reared 30 fruit flies from just two chunks of mango intercepted at Auckland Airport in June – highlighting why we have strict biosecurity measures in place at international airports. The exercise demonstrates how easy it could be for a population to establish in New Zealand.
Future border technology
MPI have started looking at some very interesting new technology to help manage biosecurity risk at the border. While MPI haven’t committed to anything, some fascinating examples of what could be used by border staff in the future include laser cameras, bio-risk imaging and holograms.
Click here to read more in The Border Space.

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