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KVH Board approves new Far North exclusion region
19 July 2016
The KVH Board has approved a new ‘Far North’ exclusion region, under the National Psa-V Pest Management Plan (NPMP).
This is the first new region to be established since finalising the ‘Establishment of New Exclusion Regions Policy’. 
The new policy was developed following the internal review of the NPMP which identified the opportunity to protect new areas outside of existing growing regions through controlling the movement of high risk items to these sites. 
These include any new regions growing commercial fruit for export and any new sites remote from kiwifruit regions selected for production of disease-free plant material (e.g. pollen, budwood, young plants) for export and/or domestic supply.
A ‘Far North’ region was requested by an industry body operating in this area. The new region extends from Ahipara on the West coast across to Taipa in on the East coast and up to Cape Reinga.

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