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Fun Fact
2 September 2021

You can now go behind the lens and see the people and teams in action at the Plant Health and Environment Laboratory (PHEL).

The work that gets done at the PHEL can be bit of a mystery if you’re not an entomologist, virologist, micologist, botanist (or some other kind of -ist in the wide world of science!) so this new video is well worth a watch. It’s only a few minutes and provides a good description of how they all work, and their role within biosecurity. 

Also, this is the lab, and these are the people, KVH links with when we submit unusual symptom samples from the kiwifruit industry. They provide diagnostics and advice about pests and diseases from across the world, ensuring we are always using the best technology and expertise. 

Kiwifruit Vine Health

25 Miro St
Mount Maunganui
Tauranga 3116

Tel:  0800 665 825
Fax: 07 574 7591