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Fun Fact
10 June 2021

With the Trans-Tasman and Cook Island travel bubbles opening up, passenger numbers through our airports are rising again and so is the risk of potential biosecurity threats.

As well as information provided onboard there are new ads popping up at airports reminding travellers of New Zealand’s strict biosecurity requirements, but as we all know there is never zero risk and there is always the chance someone may unwittingly or deliberately attempt to bring harmful goods across our borders.

We started thinking … aside from the more common and potentially devastating finds of fruit, veges, seeds, and plant material, what are some bizarre living, breathing, interceptions that have made the news?

Chilled crabs: A passenger from Thailand once presented to officers at Wellington airport a chilly bin full of live spanner crabs.

75 live snakes and six lizards: A woman scratching her chest in Stockholm attracted the suspicion of officials, which later revealed snakes concealed in her bra, as well as lizards under her shirt.

Cat in a bag: A lady flew all the way from Los Angeles to Auckland with her covert, designer, carry-on bag which was found just before x-ray screening to contain her loved, live, pet cat.

A two-month-old tiger cub: At Bangkok International Airport customs found a sedated tiger cub in a suitcase full of stuffed animal toys when it went through an X-ray scan.

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