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From the frontline
11 July 2019

Some interesting border interceptions caught our eye in the latest edition of Biosecurity New Zealand’s Border Space newsletter (which you can subscribe to here) ....

·         Ghost busting fine: Ghost busting was the reason given by an arriving passenger at Auckland Airport for nearly 1kg of limes detected during a baggage search. She intended to hang them in her room to ward off ghosts. The limes were bundled into yellow cloth with string and had apparently been blessed at a temple. The passenger said she did not regard the limes as food, so did not declare them, resulting in a $400 fine.

·         Mango tree in the post: An international parcel declared as a decoration turned out to be a live mango tree, complete with its own family of scale insects. A Biosecurity New Zealand officer detected the falsely declared parcel (from Thailand) on the x-ray belt at the International Mail Centre.

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