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KiwiNet handbook

This handbook has been developed as a resource for KiwiNet members and KiwiNet co-ordinators. The handbook covers:

  • What is KiwiNet? – The purpose of KiwiNet and the roles of individuals on the team.
  • What is readiness? – Understanding the components of readiness needed to minimise the impact of any biosecurity incursion.
  • What is response? – Understanding the biosecurity response structure and what will be required of the KiwiNet team in the event of a response.

KiwiNet member resources:

KiwiNet team members may be asked at any time to participate in a biosecurity response. The information below is intended to assist KiwiNet responders in learning about a typical response, what you will need if attending, the timeline of decision-making for KiwiNet coordinators, draft agendas for conference calls, a general guideline on how costs will be apportioned and role cards for positions that KiwiNet responders may undertake.

Note that positions/roles are allocated on an as-needed rather than an as-requested basis.

Throughout 2019 KiwiNet members took part in the Auckland fruit fly responses. An image gallery and profiles of team members are published below describing their experience.

In 2015 KiwiNet members took part in the Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) response in Auckland. Articles and images from the response are published below.

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