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Biosecurity R&D reports

Detection assay for the Brazilian isolate of Ceratocystis fimbriata
March 2018

A rapid DNA-based assay was designed to detect isolates of Ceratocystis fimbriata pathogenic on kiwifruit, and distinguish them from the isolate that is present in New Zealand amd a pathogen of kumara. No false positive results were observed. The primers were also tested by Hill Laboratories and are found to be suitable to be outsourced to a commercial organisation for high-throughput sample analysis. Read the report here.

Evaluating RT-PCR tests for Pelargonium Zonate Spot Virus
March 2018

Three primer pairs were tested, with the PFR-designed primer pair being able to amplify PZSV from all samples, except one. However, none of the primer pairs was able to amplify the PZSV from this sample, possibly because of genetic diversity within the viral population globally or due to the freeze- dried PZSV-infected leaf sample having very low virus titre or nil quantities of the virus. Read the report here.



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