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About KVH

Kiwifruit Vine Health Inc (KVH) is a leading biosecurity organisation dedicated to supporting the New Zealand kiwifruit industry.

We were established in December 2010 to lead the industry response to the Psa incursion. Since November 2012 we have been the lead organisation responsible for managing biosecurity readiness, response, and operations on behalf of the kiwifruit industry.

We are an industry established body, accountable to our industry members, working to manage biosecurity industry-wide.

KVH works with kiwifruit growers, Zespri, New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Inc (NZKGI), the post-harvest and associated industries such as beekeepers, pollen providers, nurseries and contractors; and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

KVH is strategic, practical, responsive and transparent in all that we do. The decisions we make are based on industry knowledge, research, and experience.

Read the 'About Us' leaflet to find out more about who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

The KVH Strategy 2017-2020 includes a vision, mission, five directions to guide our work and a plan for how we'll operate to achieve results.  Our Annual Operating Plan and reference document outline our goals under the strategy and the activities we'll undertake to achieve them.

Our Vision A biosecurity-resilient kiwifruit industry.

Our Mission Protect New Zealand's kiwifruit industry from biosecurity threats.

Our Directions

Prevention: Global scanning to identify new risks. Influencing to prevent arrival of new threats.

Readiness and Response: Fully prepared for the next biosecurity event – understanding our risks with readiness, response and contingency arrangements in place.

Industry responsibility: Kiwifruit industry hold themselves accountable for overall industry biosecurity and actively manage risk of new and established threats.

Leadership and Engagement: Performing a key leadership role in the biosecurity system and Government Industry Agreement partnership. Making a significant contribution to achieve Biosecurity 2025 directions.

Innovation: Actively pursuing continuous improvement – smart investment in research and innovation.

How we’ll operate to achieve results

Thought leadership
Partnership and collaboration
Engaging, supporting, and challenging if needed

Operational excellence:
Delivering results
Smart leveraging to achieve maximum value for industry
Accountable for our actions

Education and Communication:
Growing biosecurity awareness and social licence to operate
Proactive communication with key industry and external influencers 

Key performance indicators - the measure of success


Desired outcome

Performance indicator


Biosecurity risks to industry are rapidly identified offshore, and pre-border and border settings are focused on preventing entry

Nothing arrives we didn’t know about

Readiness and Response

We are fully prepared for major biosecurity incursion, and able to respond immediately to eradicate

There are no incursions we’re not well prepared for

Industry responsibility

Biosecurity risks are proactively managed across the kiwifruit industry

Impact of new biosecurity threats is minimised

Leadership and Engagement

KVH is highly influential and respected by industry and the Ministry for Primary Industries for its leadership as a Government Industry Agreement partner, delivering results for the kiwifruit industry

Improved protection as a direct result of KVH influence
Novel approaches to biosecurity are generated by KVH

There is a perceived value of KVH to growers


KVH investment and thought leadership results in smarter approaches to biosecurity

Successful uptake of research results that make a difference




Kiwifruit Vine Health

25 Miro St
Mount Maunganui
Tauranga 3116

Tel:  0800 665 825
Fax: 07 574 7591