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Readiness & Response

Readiness and response is about being fully prepared for significant pests and diseases if they arrive in NZ. This involves being able to detect them as soon as they arrive, and then being able to immediately activate the appropriate response activities in order to give us the best chances of eradication should they arrive.


Operational Agreement for Fruit Flies

On 9 May 2016 Kiwifruit Vine Health (KVH) signed the Operational Agreement (OA) for fruit flies on behalf of the kiwifruit industry—a significant milestone to further improve biosecurity readiness and response activities for fruit flies and the first such agreement under the Government Industry Agreements (GIA) partnership.

Essentially, the OA sets out the operational requirements for readiness and response activities for fruit flies and importantly, enables joint decision making and also clarifies cost-sharing arrangements between government and affected industries.

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'KiwiNet' is a group of people selected from right across the kiwifruit industry coordinate the deployment of kiwifruit industry resources into a biosecurity response. Click here for more information.

KVH has been involved in the following responses:

Queensland Fruit Fly Response, Auckland 2015
The detection of a breeding population of Queensland Fruit Fly in Auckland in early 2015, resulted in a large biosecurity response. This was the first major biosecurity response under GIA, and the first time kiwifruit industry resources had been deployed into a response using KiwiNet.


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